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Welcome to

This site is intended as a simple database where there are registered the Nexus mods that are translations of another mods. The objective is to facilitate the search for translations for the mods that you have installed. To find translations for your installed mods, simply upload a file depending on your mod administrator software, or type a list of their IDs. The Nexus mod ID is the number found at the end of the mod URL, for example: the mod “” has the ID 31255.

Use the three options below (more than one at the same time if you want) to indicate your IDs and search for translations. Optionally can subscribe to an alert for new translations of the mods you are looking now.

Search from Nexus Mod Manager (InstallLog.xml)

Try to guess IDs from InstallLog.xml. You can upload the "InstallLog.xml" file from NMM. If you don't know where the file is, open NMM, go to "Settings", "Skyrim", and the option "Install info" is the path where this file is placed. Note: I don't use NMM, so please report back any errors with the contact form please.

Search from Mod Organizer (or other CSV files in general)

Upload IDs with a CSV file. The CSV file must have a field named "mod_id" with your installed mod ID from Nexus at least. Also fields named "mod_name" and "mod_installed_name" will be used if present.

Search from Manual Search

Enter IDs to search. Separate multiple IDs with a blank space or 'enter'.

Mail Alert subscription

Complete this field with your email if you want to receive an alert email when a new translation is registered and approved for any mod you are searching now.
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